Kids RPG: Coyote & Crow – Trouble in Chizi… Again – 7/19/24

07/19/2024 6:00 pm

Please join us for this Sci-fi/Fantasy/Alternate Future themed RPG one-shot run by DM Ken Haylock.

Coyote and Crow: Trouble in Chizi… Again!
Friday, July 19th, 6pm-9pm
Recommended for ages 9-12, must be accompanied by an adult.
This session is beginner friendly.
Pre generated characters will be available for this session.
Cost: $10

The Story:
Those irritating Hiiminaati Kinapa are at it again! Just when it seemed like they had gone to ground for a while, the No-Respect Dozen, a local Chizi District street gang, have reared their tattooed faces and begun harassing local business owners along the picturesque Mizizibi River, including the upscale restaurant Tapahi’s on the Water. Your mission is simple – stop the harassment. But will it really be as simple as asking them, “Daga?” 

Please be advised this session has some themes that may affect those sensitive to them such as Violence – lethal force should not be required except in self-defense.

 Notes from the DM:
The expected playstyle for this session is problem-solving with some combat. This game may use house rules, such as Errata for the Core Rulebook. 


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