RPG: Aliens – Dead Space – 7/3/24

07/03/2024 6:00 pm

Please join us for this Horror / Sci Fi themed RPG one-shot run by DM Mr. Mike.

Alien System:  Dead Space
7/03/2024 6-9pm
Recommended for ages 16+
This session is beginner friendly.
Pre generated characters will be available for this session.
Cost: $10 

The Story:
In the distant future, humanity has ventured into the depths of space, colonizing distant planets and mining valuable resources to sustain its expansion. Your group of spacefarers receives a distress signal from Aegis VII, a remote mining planet that was believed to be deserted.

Please be advised this session has some themes that may affect those sensitive to them such as Violence  Body Mutilation.  Gore.  Murder  .

Notes from the DM:
The expected playstyle for this session is Serious Role Play.


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