RPG: Traveller – Agents of the Imperium – 7/10/24

07/10/2024 6:00 pm

Please join us for this Science fiction themed RPG campaign run by DM Andrew Van Hout.

Traveller: Agents of the Imperium
Wednesday, July10th, 6pm -9pm
Please note: This is session zero for a campaign. Sessions will continue on July 24th, August 14th, and August 28th.
Recommended for ages 18
This session is beginner friendly.
Pre generated characters will be available for this session.
Cost: $10 

The Story:
Inspired by the TV shows Firefly and the Expanse, Agents of the Imperium is a game of high stakes, espionage, and spycraft set in the Official Traveller Universe. The characters are hired by Imperial Intelligence with the task of extracting a merchant ship – the Perfect Stranger – that was left behind enemy lines after its crew suffered an uncertain fate. The Travellers are definitely trained professionals and are not at all being hired because they are plausibly deniable assets. 

Notes from the DM:
The expected playstyle for this session is Collaborative role-players who love investigations, mystery, and problem solving. This game may use house rules, such as Traveller Companion 2024 Experience Awards. 


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