About Us

What is Oddwillow’s Game Haven?

Our mission is to make tabletop gaming accessible and fun for everyone. To do this, we will offer a comfortable and supportive environment for people to shop, learn, and play. Games have a remarkable ability to bring people together with their communities. We aim to strengthen those connections and build up our local community as well.

Open since August 2023 in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, Oddwillow’s is a Friendly Local Game Store for gamers of all kinds. Our store stocks a wide variety of merchandise, including games, gifts, toys, and more. But more important than what we’ll be selling is what we’ll be doing! To bring gaming to the community we welcome everyone to stay and play. Oddwillow’s has a large game library with classic favorites and new releases. We also host regular events for every pillar of tabletop gaming and more! Whether you’re looking for a place to take the kids for some fun, a tournament to test your mettle against others, or a way to make new friends that share your newfound or age-old love of games, Oddwillow’s is the place for you!

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Our Journey

Established in February 2023, we (Jen & Robyn) started our Oddwillow’s journey in a small-town cafe. After finding an available building and a half-joking “Hey, let’s start a business”, we decided it was time to act on our dream of working for ourselves. Being sisters that come from a family of geeks, nerds, and gamers, we have always loved tabletop games. With that in mind, opening a place for people to share in that love was a clear choice. With the help of our husbands Ben and Xane and loving family and friends, we founded Oddwillow’s Game Haven.
Tabletop games are a fun way for people to spend time together. Most of our family gatherings end with a round of cards, charades, or a new board game to try. Not to mention Sunday night D&D, where Oddwillow herself was first introduced! But it can be difficult for people who aren’t experienced with tabletop games to know where to start. So we wanted to create a space that makes everyone feel welcome to shop, play, and learn.
While we are still in the early stages of opening Oddwillow’s, we have put so much love into the company and brand. Currently, we are all virtual, but we are building our website to be easy to use for everybody. We’re also creating content with the goal of being relatable and easy to understand. By doing this, we are hoping to make tabletop gaming less intimidating for newcomers and show how fun it can be.
With the intention of inclusion and accessibility, we are designing our upcoming store to be comfortable for everyone. We are taking ADA guidelines into heavy consideration in our store layout, so all patrons can feel comfortable. We also want to create a welcoming space for underrepresented communities in gaming, like women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and more. Our code of conduct will be a core pillar in building our local game store community, with a zero-tolerance policy for hate and harassment.
We are on the road to open in late summer or early fall in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Make sure you follow along on our social media platforms to see the behind-the-scenes of our process, see more of where we came from, and get the first looks at where we’re going!