DM Expectations

Ben DMing an RPG session

What are “DM Expectations”?

Oddwillow’s hosts a wide variety of public RPG sessions for  our customers. We have a host of volunteer DMs that run these sessions, but we welcome new DMs of all experience levels and game systems. To ensure a fair and fun game for everyone, we ask all our DMs to follow the DM Expectations outlined below. These rules help us standardize our processes as well as make sure that our Code of Conduct carries through into the RPG sessions. If you are interested in hosting a session, we just ask that you review these expectations and then fill out the form below, and a member of staff will get back to you within a just few days.

New (to us) DMs will be asked to run two free one-shot sessions as a trial period for the store. If approved after this trial period, DMs will receive $5 per paying player in store credit for sessions.

Please note that to help our DMs and make sure everybody can enjoy their session, we also have a set of Player Expectations that we ask our players to review and agree to before each session as well.

Our DM Expectations

  1. We manage sign ups
      • We love for you to bring players in, but to make sure we don’t overbook, all sign ups for sessions must go through the store. Please let us know if players sign up with you ASAP so we can stay accurate.
  2. Provide staff with summary and content warnings
      • We require a small summary of your session, and warnings for any themes that may be sensitive for certain players. No sexual content is allowed in store hosted sessions
  3. Be willing to work with all types of people
      • We have players of all kinds, including all levels of neurodivergence, race, religions, experience, and more. You must be willing and able to work with all players no matter their background, and make sure all players are included and treated fairly.
  4. Prepare for your session in advance
      • ALL one shot campaigns require premade characters. Ongoing/long term campaigns don’t, but must have a session 0. We’re happy to print anything you need and help you with materials, as long as all prep is done before the session.
  5. All DMs are volunteers
      • DMs are volunteers, and are not directly paid. We do highly encourage players to tip their DMs with Pieces of Odd, which can be redeemed for store credit. You are not allowed to accept cash from players on premises.
  6. Be reliable
      • If you set up a public session or sign up to run a private session, you have to stick to your dates & times. That said, we’re all humans. If a change must be made, please make us aware as soon as possible so we can reschedule and notify all players.