Advent-ure Calendar ® 10 Witch's Brew

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Brand: Black Oak Workshop

Welcome to Advent-ure!

Deep in the foul bog known as Witch Hollow sits a dilapidated and  ominous shack. Through a thick mist of swamp gas, eerie firelight emanates from within. You are certain that someone…or something...awaits you inside. You pause in terror as the cackle of evil laughter spills out from within the hut. The tales must be true! A vile hag resides here and she has almost certainly foretold your arrival. Do you dare enter and discover...the Witch's Brew? Count down 31 days with these not-so-terrifying dice!


Look for the following 8-dice potions inside: Cat's Grace, Spider's Venom, Cauldron's Bubble and, of course, the Witch's Brew!


The ninth installment in our series of dice countdown calendars, Witch's Brew holds four 8-dice polyhedral sets plus 2 additional dice for a total of 34. All the dice are larger Black Oak sizes and all feature custom designs themed around a witch's hut. Note: Some sets are UV light reactive!

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