Adventurer's Emporium | 16oz Candle + Metal D20 Inside

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Brand: Cantrip Candles

Musky, Warm, Spiced Notes: Polished Leather, Tobacco & Clove, Crushed Amber The Adventurer's Emporium is renowned for its masterwork weapons and wares. Their armors will impress even the most battle-hardened heroes and come wrapped in fine silks and spices. Animals companions are welcome and there's free Wi-Fi!

This 16oz candle has nearly 3 times more wax than standard size and is double wicked for a clean, even burn. The "Dice" variants include their signature metallic d20 die INSIDE THE CANDLE that feels magnificent to roll. The candle's burn time is approximately 60 hours and is capable of filling a large area. They cast a romantic glow on the table as the flame flickers through beautiful glass.

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