Moonlit Lanterns - RPG Set Coppered Voidfire

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Brand: Foam Brain Games

Join us on a journey in the moonlight as we show off our Moonlit Lanterns...
We're excited to introduce this brand new style of dice from Foam Brain Games! This design is inspired by adventuring lanterns and features a fun multi-layered effect with flame under the enamel to give it the feeling of being an actual lantern.
Each of these RPG sets contains 7 metal dice (a D4, D6, D8, D10, D1%, D12 and D20) with a plating and enamel finish. They feel weighty without being overbearing and roll well.
This particular set is made with a copper metal and has purple facets with copper numbers. 
Each of the 7 dice has been produced by making a brand new 3D shape and mold, and then cast in metal, plated and painted with enamel.
Each set comes in a metal dice tin.

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